Queer people make up more of the population than ever, but we are not represented in the apparel industry (unless it's for the pink pound) Love Wins tees by H&M are designed to make $ and not make us feel seen and heard. Splodge is made by queer people, for queer people.

About Splodge

Myself and my partner created Splodge as we saw a gap in the market to create handmade clothing and apparel for LGBT+ folks; raising awareness on the importance of pronouns, sexuality, mental health, and gender identity. This audience is very close to my heart as I and my partner are within the LGBT community. 


Now you may be thinking that screenprinting is easy and we get the products printed externally... WRONG. 

We print all orders and come up with the concepts on our small kitchen table. This comes with its challenges, but it has allowed me to understand how to run a business and what it takes to make a successful one. 


I also design and create content for our social media channels, even when we don’t have any new projects to push, we put out posts on self care and how to support others in the community.

• Branding & PR • Splodge • 2020 •
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