The creative industry is a tough place to be, so standing out is more important than ever. No one wants a business card and a pen anymore, they want something useful and you want them to remember you.

The Brief

Create and design branding for video content creator Rosie, who wants an identity to stand out from the other generic film camera or reel of tape logo identities. This branding must show personality, and be transferable to other outputs, such as a CV, business cards, and a mailer. 

The Solution

Through a long period of research and leasing with Rosie to understand her style and personality before starting the main project.  The design I developed was to have simple yet stylistic typography paired with illustrations for the mailer. 

The lowercase choice in font was to represent Rosie's friendly and approachable attitude and to accompany this was the royal blue colour choice which juxtaposes the friendly fun type to represent her corporate abilities. When designing the mailer I wanted to be able to incorporate all of the elements designed from CV, business card and a little keep sake that a potential employer can interact with - making Rosie stand out from just sending over a CV.

• Branding & Packaging • rosie. • 2020 •
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