Martini: The Subscription

Branding, Packaging and Advertising

Client: Martini

Competition: D&AD New Blood 2020

The Brief


Create a brand experience that celebrates MARTINI’s campaign idea Let’s Make Time beyond traditional advertising.

Your idea should bring to life the power and importance of spending quality time with friends using MARTINI as the focus. Your idea should bring MARTINI TIME into the physical world and amplify it through social and digital channels. You should also consider how you can make the most of earned media and PR - how can you make this idea a PR-able moment for MARTINI?



Just like Netflix and Spotify accounts are more cost-effective if shared or subscribed to by a group of friends, Martini time allows you to split the bill among friends. Martini knows that there is no substitute for in-person interaction, but Martini Time allows you to stay connected and spend time with your friends no matter where they are in the world. 


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