every body

No matter your gender or sexuality, you can still get an STI, but LGBTQ+ people are often left out of the conversation around sexual health. 

The Brief

Condoms are the only effective method of preventing the spread of STIs. How can you persuade young people to make carrying them a habit? Your campaign must: galvanise 16 to 24 year olds across the world to stand up for their right to protect themselves. Steer away from stereotyped imagery and puns. How can you help Durex be the challenger of sexual conventions that are holding people back from the sex they deserve?

The Solution

Durex's everybody campaign aims to get 18-24 year olds to use condoms more, in order to protect themselves from STis, not just pregnancy. From primary research I found that all genders and sexualities have used a condom and this developed my tagline of ‘just because you can’t get pregnant; doesn’t mean you can’t get an STI’. The design is based around the deconstructed gender and sexuality symbols, using the colours of pride.

• Packaging, Awareness & PR • everybody • 2019 •
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