Ecobricks: blocbank

Branding, Web Design, App Design & More!

Client: Ecobricks

Final Major Project

The Brief


Create awareness for blocbanks across the world. This is to encourage people repurpose their plastic waste into Ecobricks. Only 9% of plastic waste has ever been recycled and ecobricking cuts down and eliminates the plastic pollution going into the biosphere. These bricks are sent to less economically developed countries in order to build homes, schools or shelters.



Creating a clean, user friendly website that is easily understood by a wide variety of demographics. The website has an element of interactivity and movement within the background, the circles are representative of the bottles that are made into ecobricks. These bottles can then be taken to a blocbank and you scan your card and gain brikcoins that you can see and connect to via the blocbank app. This is the newest solution to pollution.


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