Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens is a fresh, modern brand that keeps up with current trends, but their branding does not reflect that. Consumers want simple.

The Brief

To re-brand Dr. Martens in order to give them a more modern aesthetic, appealing to new and old customers. Create a new interactive website and packaging that reflects the core of Dr. Martens in it’s simplest form. 

The Solution

When undertaking research I came to the conclusion that their current branding was outdated and very busy. My design was using the trademark of the shoes - the yellow stitching, so I used that to make the logo type. The shoe boxes can be kept as storage, and they’re also easier for stock rooms when looking for a particular pattern or colour. The pull tag is iconic for Dr. Martens’ boots, which is a subtle touch to the box. I applied the design across a website design, stationery, and promotional items.

• Branding, Packaging & UX/UI • Dr Martens • 2017 •
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Dr Martens