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Creative Crisis

Creatives love to unwind, but it can't always be at the pub on a Friday. No matter the creative role, there are certain things that overlap which annoy us, inspire us and bring us joy -but your Grandma would never understand.

The Brief

Your mission is to find a forgotten old or traditional game and reinvent or re-imagine it for a new audience and a new age. Create something relevant to adults looking for a fun, fast party game: aim for 2+ people, 2 minutes to learn and 30 minutes to play. The target audience is 16 to 26 year olds, men and women, who like games but have maybe forgotten how fun, cool and grown-up they are these days.

The Solution

I made creative crisis for the D&AD New Blood Awards - creative crisis is a satirical board game aimed at creatives. The design I chose was to represent a blank page with print and crop marks included, because when you’re having a crisis, there is more often than not - a blank page. This game makes fun of many different creative industries and the struggles that they might come up against. Remember: White Space is Good Space.

• Branding, Packaging & PR • Creative Crisis • 2018-2021 •
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Creative Crisis