Creating a suite of lockups with a cohesive design for instant brand recognition.

The Brief

In previous years Comic Relief have produced bespoke logos for all of the challenges, from the lol-a-thon to Billy's Big Challenge. But this was time consuming with little reward and brand recognition. The brief was to come up with a solution that brings all future challenges into 1 cohesive design style. 

The Solution

In order to keep inline with the Funny is Power making campaign lockup, I developed a design style and structure whereby the challenge is encased with 2 "wonky boxes". By adding in a brand colour allows for differentiation across the challenges whilst still being consistent. These logos were used across kit, clothing, banners, social media, and the BBC channels. It was so surreal to see the logos I had created in the real world, from Tom's Hell of a Homecoming logo on the BBC1 hero documentary, to Jordan North logo on his and Radio 1's social media, and Red Nose and Spoon Race logo animation on BBC1's The One Show.

• Branding, Advertising, Awareness & PR • Red Nose Day • 2022 •
HOAH Main.png
HOAH Left.png
HOAH Top R.png
HOAH Bottom R.png
HOAH Bot.png
RNSR Main.png
RNSR Left.png
RNSR Bot.png
RH Main.png
RH Left.png
RH Top R.png
RH Bottom R.png
RH Bot.png
Red Nose Day 2022