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Comic Relief
At The Movies

Titles animation to be shown on the BBC2 programme Comic Relief At The Movies.

It's all in the angles.

The Brief

Create a clever design animations for the titles of the first showing of Comic Relief At The Movies, premiering on BBC2 at 10pm on 18th March 2022 (Red Nose Day). 

The Solution

Starting off static, I chose to make the design super simple and minimalist because I didn't feel the need to add extras for the sake of adding more, especially if it does not add anything. 

I swapped out the 'O' in movies for our Red Nose icon and thought ahead to the animation. The nose would bounce in and hit the Comic Relief logo in it's container. I then recalled the brand guidelines where the Comic Relief logo can be, and should (where possible) be tilted at an angle of 14°. Therefore, the result was the nose bouncing in, onto the straight logo, knocking it 14° and then bouncing back into the place of the O.

• Branding, Advertising, Awareness & PR • Red Nose Day • 2022 •
Red Nose Day 2022