Alzheimer's can affect anyone, it doesn't discriminate. It's not just being forgetful, it doesn't just affect people of old age and the results can be detrimental.

The Brief

Raise awareness for the condition of Alzheimer’s. Break down the misconceptions of who and what the condition affects or is. 

The Solution

Whilst designing, I used a variety of Photoshop skills to create effects upon my primary imagery. I isolated the ‘me’ within ‘Alzheimer’s’ as to make the poster more personal to the viewer. I designed with the ratio of 2/3 to 1/3 not to distract the eye from the typography nor the imagery. By pairing a statement or fact with a photograph that has been manipulated to represent this. This allows for the poster to be deconstructed and used separately.

• Awareness & PR • Alzheimer's • 2015 •
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