Branding & Awareness

Client: Rosie Symes

Freelance Project

The Brief


Create a cohesive piece of branding, that was to be used across websites, posters, stickers and audio-visual material. The branding needed to clearly communicate the struggles asylum seekers face after entering the U.K and living on the government allowance £37.75 per week.



As this can be perceived as a tricky, complex subject area, so I knew I needed to keep the branding and identity as simple as possible. As this project had a link to money, I went along the idea for replicating a receipt, with the breakdown of the value of each area such as healthcare, and food. I also created some social media assets that emphasise the breakdown of the £37.75. To raise awareness of this issue, we made stickers and stuck them around multiple high street superstores, which got picked up on social media and shared.


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