Hi, I'm Arlo!

Yes, like the dinosaur

I’m an award winning graphic designer with a passion for branding and packaging. Known for my crazy socks, love of yellow and being an all round good egg.

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About Me

Hi! I'm Arlo

I’m a graphic designer and crazy colourful sock wearer, who loves the colour yellow!

I have a passion for branding, packaging, and advertising. I love to get my brain working and hands dirty when it comes to creation, so I make a great addition to any team.


My ideas are unlimited (they’re coming out of my ears).  l strive to put my twist on a brand and implement my beliefs of simplicity, being bold, and creating change.


Oh and I’ve got a D&AD Award!

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Selected Projects

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Creative Crisis

Creating a new, reinvented board game, based on the satirical life of being a creative, expansion packs for COVID etc.

The ShWhopper

A PR stunt where Burger King replaces ingredients from gourmet  restaurants with their own ingredients, 


Creating and designing clothing by queer people for queer people, to empower them to be proud of their identity.

Red Nose Day 2022

Developing and creating various outputs for RND22, from lockups, to ads, cardboard cutouts to animations.

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